Refuge Student Ministry

We have a student ministry that is grounded in the Holy Spirit filled teaching and preaching of the truths of the Word of God. We are persistent in being driven by Biblical Principals with every event, activity, class, etc…. One the major concerns of our student ministry is to include and involve their entire family to rightly minister to the family as a whole. One of the major blessings of our student ministry is the number of students that have been called out to the ministry of the gospel. We firmly believe that our commitment to unashamedly teach, preach, and evangelize with an absolute biblical focus is the reason God has blessed the NPBC Student ministry. We are also determined to be biblical in our missions plans by going unto all the world. You might wonder are we always serious, yes we are , but we have a lot fun being totally sold out to Jesus and not being deceived by the emptiness of this world.